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Led by Chief Medical Officer Dr Ross Walker, our programs use the latest science to improve your health, and help you achieve success.


About Dr Ross Walker

Dr Ross Walker is an eminent practising cardiologist with 40 years’ experience as a clinician. He has a strong passion for people and health, and has spent the past 25 years focusing on preventive cardiology, ensuring his place as one of Australia’s leading health experts.

Alongside his work as a clinician, Dr Walker is an established author of seven best-selling books, a regular health presenter in the Australian Media, and is also considered a world-leading keynote speaker and life coach.

“An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure”

Dr Ross Walker & Miyagi
Health Programs

As Miyagi’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr Ross Walker designs all health programs and educational
webinars in conjunction with our expert team of health professionals, ensuring they are based on
the latest scientific research.

Dr Walker also provides further support and education to our clients through live Q&A segments
in our private online support community, blog content, social media content and more.


More About Dr Ross Walker

Dr Walker appears weekly on the Nine Radio and 2SM Super Radio Network. He also has his own national radio show ‘Healthy Living’ on radio 2UE for 8 years, which recommenced nationally on the Nine Radio network in 2020.

Dr Ross is also the Chief Medical Officer for the Access Corporate Group and the Chief Cardiologist for the Miskawaan Health Group, and acts as a consultant with corporations such as the Kaneka Corporation and Nathealth.

Lastly, Dr Walker is a board member of the Gut Foundation of Australia and a non-executive director for MGC Pharmaceuticals – a company researching, developing & marketing medical cannabis around the world. Dr. Ross Walker is the patron for Heart Support Australia.

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