EP 22: Top 5 Supplements for Heart Health with Dr. Ross Walker

EP 22: Top 5 Supplements for Heart Health with Dr. Ross Walker

EP 22: Top 5 Supplements for Heart Health with Dr. Ross Walker

Published On: February 21, 2024
Published On: February 21, 2024

There’s so much hype around supplements for health and wellbeing, but is there any merit to it? And is it backed by science?

In the latest episode of “Eat, Live, & Move with Miyagi,” Dr Gina Cleo and Ross Walker explore the world of supplements, where Dr Ross shares his top 5 evidenced-based supplements specifically for heart health.

The conversation starts around supplements in general, and the role they can play in health and wellbeing. Dr Ross shares his 80:10:10 rule, and that 80% of your management should be lifestyle factors e.g. nutrition, regular movement, good quality sleep, 10% as evidenced-based supplements and 10% appropriate use of pharmaceutical drugs (where clinically indicated).Dr Ross stresses listeners that supplements are in fact a supplement, not a replacement for a good diet, regular movement and good quality sleep.

Dr Ross Walker then deep dives into the 5 key evidenced-based supplements he recommends to his patients for heart health including:

  1. Bergamet Advanced 
  2. Kyolic Garlic
  3. Vitamin K2
  4. Ubiquinol 
  5. Magnesium Orotate 

For each supplement, Dr Ross and Dr Gina discuss the supplement, benefits, clinical research findings and any contraindications to consider. Tune in to this episode to gain valuable insights into the unique benefits of each supplement and their contribution to heart health.

Join the conversation on the latest research and insights into heart health supplements, offering practical advice for maintaining a healthy heart. 

Disclaimer: Dr Ross Walker recommends speaking with your General Practitioner or Specialist prior to commencing new supplementation, to ensure they are suitable based on your current medical status.

Episode Highlights:

  • 00:00 Coming up 
  • 07:37 Surviving in the Wild with Supplements
  • 11:28 Unlocking Health Benefits of Bergamot Products
  • 15:36 Boosting Cardiovascular Health with Bergamot and Kyolic Garlic
  • 19:27  The Power of Garlic and Vitamin K2
  • 23:17 Optimising Cardiac Health: Vitamin K, Ubiquinol, and Magnesium

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