EP 20: Common Goal-Setting Mistakes Exposed!

EP 20: Common Goal-Setting Mistakes Exposed!

EP 20: Common Goal-Setting Mistakes Exposed!

Published On: February 7, 2024
Published On: February 7, 2024

Let’s kick those bad habits and work towards your goals in a healthy way!

Welcome to ‘Eat, Live, & Move with Miyagi,’ where Dr. Gina Cleo and Dr. Ross Walker are here to help you with all things health and habits. 

In this episode, our co-hosts expose the most common mistakes people make when setting goals. 

As the habit change expert, Dr Gina leads the conversation in the goal setting space, sharing 5 key mistakes she sees clients make, and simple ways you can combat this.

Dr. Walker shares how, as a specialist in heart health, he’s always learning new things. The hosts chat about setting goals without making things too hard, and they throw in some funny stories too.

They delve into how to make changes that stick, emphasising small, doable steps over big, hard-to-reach goals.

Dr. Cleo and Dr. Walker also shares what motivates them in their work, making it clear that everyone has different things that drive them. 

The episode finishes with the “Member Question of the Week” from Maria, asking about salt and its impact on blood pressure, and cramping. 

Join us for an episode that takes on health and habits, perfect for anyone in their teens and beyond. It’s not just another health podcast—it’s a conversation that could make a real difference in how you live the healthy life you deserve.

Episode Highlights:

  • 00:00 Coming up 
  • 02:23 Mastering Goal Setting and Self-Improvement
  • 07:53 Crafting Achievable Goals and Cultivating Success Habits
  • 13:40 Nurturing Healthy Habits and Surpassing Obstacles
  • 18:34 Unveiling the Many Faces of Motivation
  • 24:22 Member Question of the Week: Managing Salt Intake

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