The Miyagi Process

Science-based nutrition and exercise coaching as individual as fingerprints. No wasted effort. Goals achieved.

When you sign up for one of our 6-month programmes, you can expect the following:

1. Onboarding call

The first step is the onboarding call. This is where we help you ensure everything is set up properly for the duration of your program.

You’ll receive access to:

  • The Miyagi App which we’ll help you navigate and setup tracking devices.
  • Our online portal where you’ll receive loads of information, guides and resources.

2. Strategy call

Once all the technology is set up, it’s time for you to have a strategy call with your coach.

Your coach will:

  • Develop a personalised plan for you to follow.

  • Collaborate with you to ensure your plan is something you can work with.

This is just the first step, as your plan will be progressively updated on a regular basis.

3. Regular check-ins

You will have regular one-on-one check-in with your coach.

This enables you and your coach to:

  • Discuss your progress.
  • See how you are finding your program and work through any stumbling blocks.

Your coach is an important source of support and motivation as you work your way through the program.

4. Constant access

To get the best possible results from your program you will have:

  • Your personalised health plan covering both movement and nourishment.

  • 1-1 support from your very own dedicated dietitian.
  • Constant access to the Miyagi online portal for ongoing learning and community chat for support

The adjustments to your health plan are designed to be progressive, based on your individual progress and personalised to your needs and goals.

If you would like to start the process, please book a FREE discovery call to start your journey.


An estimated 70% of Australians are now being considered ‘obese’, 280 Australians develop diabetes every day (that’s one person every five minutes) and around 90% of Australians have one major risk factor for heart disease…

At Miyagi, we believe that we have a duty and obligation to make a difference.

“We exist to inspire Australia & New Zealand to eat, live and move better.”

Through our 26-week programs, we will help 5000 people every year across Australia & New Zealand improve their health and live their best life via our online programs.

Our members receive individualised, online 1 on 1 support from an Accredited Practising Dietitian.

The programs are evidenced based and designed to help improve a range of health conditions including: diabetes, cardiovascular disease and other metabolic related health conditions.

Our members complete blood tests at the beginning, middle and end of their program to ensure their Dietitian is providing personalised advice specific to their nutritional and health needs.

Additionally, our members have access to evidence-based educational material, recipe guides and community support groups to further support, educate and empower our clients to achieve their health goals.


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Many weight loss programmes fail to take emotive factors into account. However, addressing your mindset is key. Without attitudinal change, sustained behavioural change is impossible. Embarking on a new programme requires motivation and – in all likelihood – new habits. As you are probably aware, this is easier said than done. Your Miyagi coach will help you examine your habits, lifestyle, and psychology, so that you can sustain that all-important motivation. We are here to support you, and have your best interests at heart.

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Movement is a natural remedy. If you are looking to improve your health, then movement is essential. At Miyagi, we do not expect you to join a gym, or even invest in a home gym. As far as equipment goes, all you need is a pair of walking shoes and a set of resistance bands. It’s all about getting moving in a way – and at a pace – that is personalised to your needs and goals. You will receive a personalised movement plan, that is based on scientific evidence.

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Nourishment is all about maximising your health and boosting your energy levels. It is not about being unnecessarily restrictive or bland. All our coaches are qualified dietitians, with Master’s degrees in Dietetics. This is where our scientific evidence-based approach comes in. Your coach will provide you with a custom nutrition plan that is all about providing your body with healthy, quality nourishment to give you the energy you need.

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When you embark on one of our programmes, you will have a regular check-in with your coach. This is to help you stay motivated and keep you in track with your progress. It is a time for you to ask questions, discuss any obstacles, and ensure you are giving yourself the best chance to get amazing results.

If you would like to benefit from our scientific approach to health, book a FREE discovery call with a member of the Miyagi team.

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