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Online Nutrition and Exercise Program

Terms and Conditions
  1. You are committing to the program with ‘Miyagi’ – which is an online nutrition and exercise program for 52 weeks in duration.
  2. If you choose to pay upfront, the program is $3,997.00 AUD + a $12 administration fee if this is set up through Debit Success.
  3. If you choose to pay via our weekly direct debit option with Debit Success, 52 consecutive weekly instalments of $100 AUD will be deducted + a $12 one-time administration fee for a total of $5,212.00
  4. If you choose to pay via our interest free offers with Openpay, the program is $5,200.00 + a $25 establishment fee if this is set up with Openpay.
  5. The program is not a subscription or membership and the program instalments cannot be cancelled.
  6. You agree that during the 52 weeks of the program, you will not suspend, pause or terminate your coaching with Miyagi.
  7. Once you have provided your banking details and or signed these terms and conditions – no refunds or cancelations shall be provided.
  8. We are not Endocrinologists or Doctors. We will not provide any medical diagnosis nor is anything we suggest or recommend to be taken as medical advice.
  9. Nothing we recommend should be placed ahead of medical advice you have received and if you are unsure about anything, you will need to consult a medical professional.
  10. At the conclusion of your 52 week coaching program with Miyagi, all access to the private support group, members lounge & Miyagi app will be removed.
  11. You accept that participating in a nutrition and exercise program is at your own risk. You take full responsibility for the choices you make surrounding nutrition and exercise. You will in no way hold Miyagi or your coach liable for any injuries or illness sustained.
  12. We will not tolerate negative comments posted about the program, individuals on the program or the Miyagi team in the private support group. Should you have any concerns during your program, please put those concerns in writing and send them to customersupport@miyagi.coach or call 1800 864 873 to speak to one of our team.
  13. Any member that is seen to make any judgmental or hurtful comments towards another member or a member of the Miyagi coaching team will be dealt with at the discretion of management.
  14. By signing this e-document, you are agreeing to the above terms and conditions and agree that it is final and that no ‘cooling off’ period applies in joining this program.
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