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Master your habits with Australia’s leading expert
Dr Gina Cleo

Dr Gina Cleo

About Gina Cleo

Dr Gina Cleo is one of the world’s leading experts in habits, and is passionate about translating scientific evidence into simple, actionable strategies to improve health and wellbeing.

Completing her Ph.D. in habit change at Bond University in 2017, Dr Gina Cleo’s habit change research has been published in various medical journals and has gained recognition around the globe. She has appeared for over 200 news outlets including Australia’s major networks; ABC News, Today Show & Studio 10.

She is also an Assistant Professor at Bond University, a regular keynote speaker and expert panellist at national and international conferences.
Dr Gina Cleo has chosen to partner with Miyagi to create a powerful synergy and provide transformative support for clients to their journey to lasting wellbeing.

Gina Cleo & Miyagi Health Programs

As Miyagi’s Chief Behavioural Scientist, Dr Gina Cleo supports clients to transform their habits and improve their health and wellbeing via educational webinars and resources.

Dr Cleo also provides further support and education to our clients through live Q&A segments
in our private online support community, blog content, social media content and more.

Dr Gina Cleo’s Story

Starting her career as an Accredited Practising Dietitian, Dr Gina Cleo had the privilege of helping people improve their health and wellbeing. However, while her clients were achieving results, a clear pattern was emerging in that they struggled to maintain their success over the long term.

Driven by the desire to find sustainable solutions, Gina decided to put her clinic on hold, and complete a Ph.D. at Bond University. This adventure opened her eyes to the transformative power of habit change, and its incredible impact on every aspect of life.

Now, Dr Gina Cleo shares her knowledge with the world, guiding people in transforming all kinds of habits, ranging from health and wellbeing and sleep routines, to work-related habits and relationship dynamics.

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