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EP 26: The Conscious Health Journey: How to Embrace Self-Awareness

This week on "Eat, Live, & Move with Miyagi," Kate, the new Chief Transformation Officer of Miyagi and with Dr. Gina Cleo discusses the all-important topic of self-awareness in our health and wellness journey. In a fast-paced world, it can be easy to rush or do things on autopilot with a lack of self-awareness or reflection. However, this can have a negative impact on our health-behaviours, and mean we aren’t stopping to reflect, [...]

EP 25: How Your Mindset Holds the Key to Health and Wellness

In this episode of Eat, Live, and Move with Miyagi, we're diving into the world of mindset transformation with Coach Kate Krieg.  Imagine this: You've tried countless diets, only to feel like a failure when they don't work. But what if the problem isn't you? What if it's the approach that's failing you? Join us as Kate explores how the dieting industry can condition us to believe that we're the problem, when in [...]

EP 24: Introducing Miyagi’s New Transformation Coach Kate Krieg

This week on "Eat, Live, & Move with Miyagi," we share an exciting announcement and introduce our new Chief Transformation Officer at Miyagi, Kate Krieg. In this episode, Kate talks with Dr. Gina Cleo about her journey to better health, the power of mindset, and how she helps busy people improve their wellness through mindset coaching. She discusses her shift from external methods to internal mindset changes, emphasising the importance of self-awareness, self-compassion, [...]

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